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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  August 23, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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not unusual, but this behavior is. >> the fact that they run across the trail, there's one off the side of the trail, normal behavior. that's enough for us, for our red flags to go up and say it's time to remove the people from the preserve until we can get the lions aiti more back to their own behavior. >> reporter: the mom mountain lion is likely teaching her cubs to hunt. >> i'm glad they closed it. >> reporter: some we spoke with were relieved rangers aren't letting anyone in. >> it's a pretty dangerous, and people don't realize how dangerous they are, that they're even out there. >> reporter: and a good reminder. if anyone comes in contact with a mountain lion, what you should do, make yourself as big as possible and make a lot of noise, but hopefully those warnings will not be necessary here. this park is closed, likely to remain closed throughout the weekend. ali wolf, nbc bay area news. a bay area family is accused of assaulting a man because of
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his skin color. san bruno police arrested these three for hate crimes. it happened yesterday in san bruno. the victim, who is an african-american man says the family assaulted him and threatened to kill him while he was visiting his hispanic girlfriend. police say the suspects are part of the girl's family. the suspect believes they were motivated by racial hate. but family members say the person was in a closet when they got home. an arrest has been made in a triple shooting. according to the sheriff's office the shooting happened i 1 saying his roommate shot him that his roommate had body armor. when deputies arrived they found three men in the home suffering from gunshot wounds. one has life-threatening injuries. they found the hand gun but not
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the shooter. authorities began searching for the suspect. according to chp, the suspect was tracked to the east bay. authorities arrested 25-year-old trey holman in antioch this afternoon. a followup to the wildfire burning in shasta county. firefighters have made pretty good progress in preventing it from spreading. it's 40% contained. you see some of the roaring flames in the video right there. fire started yesterday morning. at least seven structures have been destroyed including three homes. here's a look at where the fire is burning, near bear mountain road north of bella vista. the north side is the most challenging because of the high winds and rocky terrain. >> more than a dozen 2020 presidential candidates descended on san francisco today
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for the democratic national committee summer meeting. all had a pitch and a plan for defeating president trump, but they pointed out they may have to overcome heated disagreemented withdisagreements with their own party. christie smith explains. >> reporter: each candidate really had to get to it today. they had less than ten minutes to stand up before the crowd and make their case. and most stuck with a familiar platform and moved on to outlining their plan to defeat donald trump. one by one, democratic presidential hopefuls took turns taking center stage in san francisco. senator bernie sanders called 2020 the most important election of our lifetime. >> we will only be successful if we are capable of rallying an unprecedented grassroots uprising that sweeps trump and all that he represents out of
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office. >> this is a fight not only for the soul of our country. it is a fight borne out of love of country and we democrats will win. >> reporter: a dozen candidates spoke to dnc members on issues ranging from defeating white nationalism to student debt and immigration. >> i believe we can reform border security but use common sense and compassion instead of cruelty. >> reporter: but some attendees wanted to have a different conversation, saying they're concerned the party isn't talking enough about the climate crisis. >> we are pushing leaders to take bold, radical action like the u.n. has said that all governments must take. >> reporter: they're pressing for the party to have a bigger climate cng debate before forming the final party line. >> it's important to be cohesive. and i hope the democrats don't lose a election that is theirs to win. >> reporter: there were some notable absences in the room
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today, including joe biden and be beto o'rourke. they both sent messages played before the crowd. christie smith. >> turmoil on wall street today as trade tensions escalated again between the united states and china. the dow plunged more than 600 points. the nasdaq dropped more than 200, losing 3% of its value. it sent shares of apple and caterpillar south. president trump hit back at china, hiking existing tariffs from 25% to 30%. he lashed out throughout the day on twitter. in a flurry of tweets he hereby ordered american companies operating in china to avoid doing business there, which
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didn't go over well with a lot of analysts. >> this idea of forbidding companies or in any way preventing u.s. companies from doing business in china has to be the most stupid thing i've ever heard in my life. >> the president is headed to france for what was already expected to be a pretty contentious economic summit with the g-7 allies. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsberg has just completed treatment for a second bout of pancreatic cancer. it was first discovered in july. but we only learned today she underwent three weeks of treatments that just ended. they say it was successful. she is 86 years old, making her the oldest-sitting justice on the court. lanes are back open for drivers on highway 92 in san mateo. this afternoon, a semi-truck crash caused a slow down there. westbound lanes of 92 were blocked. that semi had 80,000 pounds of garbage in the trailer.
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chp says that area is now cleared. we have a much better idea this evening of exactly what google intends to build when they expand into san jose. this map, from google, shows an outline of what's planned for the downtown campus. the buildings in blue you see here and here, those are going to be google offices, about 6.5 million square feet for the total footprint. the buildings in orange, the smaller ones here and here, those are going to be housing, somewhere between 3,000 and 6,000 units. google plans to set aside half a million square feet for restaurant, retail and other services. it plans to address traffic by expanding the train station with more bus service, including cal train and b.a.r.t. >> that makes it really good for bay area workers who not have to drive into san jose, you know, and commute. and instead, be able to use public transportation. >> the plan is not without its
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critics though, last night as google presented the new details, dozens of protesters marched and spoke, arguing it will make san jose too crowded while pushing out low-income residents and businesses. another first for the san jose police department. today as the city prepares for pride weekend, the department decided to raise the rainbow flag. leaders in the lbgtq community say it was the first time the flag was hoisted over a major city police department. damian trujillo is live at sjp's headquarters with the significance of the move and the plan for silicon valley pride. >> reporter: that's right. the flag is flying high right now here over police headquarters in san jose. it went up just before no da turning of the page and will make this weekend's celebrations that much more meaningful. for the first time in history, san jose's police chief took control of the rope and raised the rainbow flag over his
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offices, but not before explaining to the crowd how meaningful this moment was for his department. >> we don't ask that you leave your identity at the door when you put this uniform on. at the end of the day, this flag does not only represent the fact that we are allies and supportive of our lgbtq community but that we are really striving to be as inclusive as possible for anyone. >> reporter: community leaders call it a 180. they say there was a time when the police was closed to the lgbtq community. >> this is pure therapy, and it took san jose to do it. >> it is monumental. like i said it before, it make thes me feel really respented and er: e flag raising comes as they prepare to celebrate pride weekend. added patrols will ben safe, especially in light of the recent mass shootings. and to be clear, san jose city hall raised its rainbow flag a few days ago, this one is above
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police headquarters. in san jose, damian trujillo, nbc bay area. still to come, an east bay family, about to be homeless after getting caught in a rental scam. the red flags you should watch out for. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. not quite as hot today. right now we're dropping down to 83 in walnut creek. we'll show you the forecast in about eight minutes. i'm raj mathai. we are live in fremont, giving away free ice cream. decisions, decisions. the big dipper? not chris, the ice cream, and the ice cream sandwich, not mike. oh, he's got two.
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only on nbc bay area. an online rental scam could soon leave an east bay family homeless. but what set this is scam apart is that the alleged victim claims that the scammer knew the home's smart lock code and was letting oblivious families tour the family. melissa to cornd a home to rent online, which, melissa, is a really popular way to it nowadays. >> reporter: anoushah, this mother of two tells me she was feeling the pressure. she was feeling the pressure to find an affordable home quickly, and she knew she was going to be competing with other families who were in a similar boat.
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and she tells me that pressure may be the reason why she missed some key red flags. elizabeth fuentes of richmond cleans homes for a living. her husband paints houses. and tonight the couple and their two children are in desperate need of a new home. >> we did this in a hurry. i mean, me and my husband were in a rush to move. >> reporter: their current landlord has already found another tenant to take their place, with a looming move-out deadline, the family searched craigslist for homes to list. on tuesday she stumbled upon a too-good-to-be true home in richmond for $1750 a month. >> i would never have thought this was going to be a a says a named george who claimed to live in southern california claimed he was the landlord. >> if you want to go see it, we can give you the access >> reporter: fuentes says she went to tour the home twice. she say well. >> i don't know if they're
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requestigoing through this or not. >> reporter: she sent the alleged homeowner a picture of her driver's license. >> it was congratulations, you have been chosen to get the house. >> reporter: fuentes was told to wire a $1700 deposit to a bank account that belonged to global traders llc. >> he just told me to be patient and wait. and after that he just didn't, he just didn't text me, or he didn't, i called and called, and nothing. he didn't answer. >> reporter: fuentes has since filed a police report with richmond pd. what pains her the most, the scammer made out with all of her family's savings. >> it's hard-working money. >> reporter: and that family has a deadline. september 5th, to find a new home. richmond police are investigating and have tips they want you to know. if a landlord does not meet you in person, does not request a kgk and dot,that is n a good sign.
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the county says anyone looking to rent a house should call the county tax assessor's and verify the owner of the property, and that is absolutely free. that's the latest in richmond, melissa colorado, nbc bay area news >> that's a tough situation for that family. thank you. berkley's only indonesian restaurant is closing its doors. the owner has said he's closing it because it just costs way too much money to run a business in berkley. it first opened in 2005 on university avenue near the cal campus. owner says he's not making any money and he'll lose customers if he raises prices. so tomorrow will be that restaurant's last day. new at 5:00, a new sign of progress as the town of paradise tries to rise from the ashes of last year's devastating fire. just over two hours from now, the paradise high school football team will play their first real home game since the camp fire. that fire claimed 86 lives and burned some 14,000 homes.
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it's been nine months since the fire, and the scars are still visible all over town, but so are the signs of hope. the team already sold 2,000 advanced tickets. and we'll have a live report from the game at 6:00. >> looking forward to that. okay, is there anything better than ice cream on a hot day? >> i'm going to go with no. that's why we are out at fremont's street eats event with the nbc bay area treat truck that includes our very own raj p mathai. you could probably run for mayor of fremont. >> i would win in a landslide. can you imagine, 90 degrees in fremont? we're in the shade now and giving away free ice cream. the gates just opened. this is the weekly occurrence. a lot of our team members a kno show, hello to chris chmura. what are we going with, a rainbow pop? the doors just opened here. they're expecting a few hundred
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people. hi. how you doin'? it's awesome. they do this every friday night. when we talk about fremont, it's not just a quaint suburb, which it is, but there are legendary people who come out of this town, kristi yamaguchi, she is from fremont. she was rolling around here earlier, bill walsh. before sanford, before san jose state, he started at washington high school. also dennis eckersly, the baseball hall-of-famer. the as hall-of-famer went to washington high school. ms. wills moody, the tennis star, the serena williams of tennis in the 1920s. a lot of star power in fremont. before we go, it's not just the treat truck, garvin and anoushah, we've done something different. there are food trucks here. guess what i'm going to be doing in the next hour or two? eating a lot. we'll he sao yee you later in t
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newscast. >> definitely jealous. food, dinner, dessert. >> i want a drumstick. people come up and say where's the drumsticks. >> were you handing out five at a time? >> two for you? >> a lot. >> some ice cream for some of you. that kind of weather, and for others, you might want a nice warm drink. micro climates are in full effect. fog, storm moving back into san francisco. that's where you want something a little warmer tonight. and it's that kind of fog where we do have some drizzle that will likely be happening here as we head through the next couple hours. be ready for that if you're moving into san francisco this evening. we'll hold on to low 60s as we continue throughout this night. now, let's get you a wider picture of what's happening. not only the fog at the coastline but high pressure offshore that will help bring warmer weather this weekend. it's one of those weekends where
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we'll see widespread temperatures setting up for you. let's get you ready for that saturday, and you'll see that fog. it's going to be a lot thicker than we have seen lately. all the way up against the coastline. there's that low cloud cover, also right into marin, napa, sonoma counties, down near the bay near oakland, berkley, hayward, fremont. even a little cloud cover for san jose as well for the morning. and then as we move through the afternoonque get our sunshine here as we move away from the beaches. so a really really great day. not only fog but the nice cool breeze is going to make it very refreshing to start, instead of 70s to begin, we're here in the 60s for the southvalley, down to 62 in the peninsula. for the east bay, 64. san francisco a chilly 68 and for the north bay, 62. as we pass through the day tomorrow, it's going to be warm but not extremely hot. right here for the south bay, 87 in downtown, 88 in milpitas and
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88 in gilroy. the east bay, also, no 100s. there's a little bit of good news if you have anything planned outdoors tomorrow. but the heat will catch up with you in antioch, danville at 90. the peninsula 82. redwood city, san francisco, mostly 60s here. if you're headed to the mission, it will be milder at 70, and the north bay 93 in clear lake. nice, sunny, warm day for your saturday. we are still watching some interesting activity by next tuesday and wednesday. tropical system to the south. could actually bring in some humidity and some no rainfall right now. but, again, next tuesday is the day to watch for that. ts of 70s moving into san francisco's forecast over the next seven-days. going up to 96 on sunday. and then we drop down to 80s once we hit the end of next
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week. so very comfortable day coming our way as we hit saturday. >> yeah, we avoided, would had tho those 100s. >> looks like we'll be stuck with it for a while. coming up, that oakland flight that made an emergency landing in hawaii yesterday, we now know why the cabin filled up with smoke.
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a san francisco police sergeant may face a misdemeanor charge for pulling a fire alarm when there was no emergency. maria theresa denoti is identified as the suspect who triggered the false alarm at the pacifica police department. witnesses say she may have been
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angry that a meeting about the homeless population was being held behind doors. we now know why the hawaiian airlines plane from oakland to hawaii made that emergency landing in honolulu. passengers say the smoke started to fill the cabin moments before the landing. the smoke that you're seeing in that cell phone video. then when it touched down they evacuated on the emergency chutes. today hawaiian airlines tweeted that a seal failed in the left engine and create the an oil leak. it created smoke when it leaked onto the hot part of the engine and the air conditioning system. they took seven passengers, including two children to the hospital for smoke inhalation. >> we'll take a quick break and then check in with raj on handing out ice cream. >> he's eating half of it. we are here to discuss jessie's online time.
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tonight at 6:00, a security guard opened fire on shoplifters. some called it an overreaction, but not the jury. that story and more tonight at 6:00. now if you're just tuning in and wondering why i am seated and raj is out tonight, he has a great excuse. >> he's giving out ice cream. have you run out at this point?
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it's a popular thing out there. >> reporter: no, no. we are just starting. everyone starting to roll in, a few hundred expected. yes, we're giving away free ice cream. you know what pairs with ice cream? food trucks. >> pulled pork with sauce over french fries. no bread. and brussels sprouts. >> that looks great. have fun tonight. and we have rotisserie truck over here, roadside rotisserie from alameda. earnest is working the grill. all the fat from the meat drips down onto the brussels sprouts am potatoes. god. come out to fremont, we'll be giving away free ice cream. see you again at 6:00. >> guys, i'll bring you food and ice cream this time. >> it's all the major food groups. the protein and vegetables and dairy. >> you do ice cream first. >> and then the rest of the stuff. thanks for joining us. breake
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dramatic escalation in the trade war, the steep drop on wall street, stocks plunging over 600 points after president trump says he's ordering u.s. companies to look for ways to leave china. and late tonight the president going blow for blow with china, with new tariffs, what it means for american workers and families also breaking the new health battle for ruth bader ginsburg treated for a tumor on her pancreas less than a year after undergoing surgery for lung cancer we'll have the latt thrtening on social media to shoot up a school >> thankfully someone saw this, recognized that it was disturbing >> authorities taking no chances in a nation on edge. alarming news on ecigarettes, exper


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